Customer Grievances Policy

Customer Grievances Policy

Customer satisfaction has been the key in success of the Paul Group. We at Paul Money take due care that we deliver services and products according to the bet standards and thus meeting the requirements of our customers.
But we will also accept that despite the best of the efforts there may be instances where the customer may have issues and problems which may be the result of various scenarios and circumstances.

To Redress the customer Grievances we have defined the policy with below objectives :

  • All Customers are treated properly.
  • Customer Complaints and issues are taken care with courtesy and in a timely manner.
  • Customers are informed of the channels and ways to raise problems and issues
  • Customers are made aware of their rights to raise the Complaints and Issues through alternative channels in case they are not happy with the standard channel.

We have enabled two divided the teams in two for Redressal of Customer Grievances

  • ) Customer Care Centre :
        The Company has established Customer Care Centre facility for effective resolution of complaints/issues of Customers. The
        Customer Care Centre serves the Customers on all working days between 9am to 7PM.
        The Customer can reach the Customer Care Center through below modes :
        Through email :
        Through Phone : 1800-137-1333
  • ) Customers Problem Redressal Unit (CPRU) :
       The customers who are not satisfied with the resolution of Customer Care Centre can approach to CPRU for redressing their grievances.

Grievance Redressal Procedure

  • A grievance may be communicated by the Customer to CPRU in physical or electronic mode.
  • A query ID is generated and given to customer in response to the grievance.
  • Upon receipt of a grievance, the concerned officer shall enter the details thereof in the Grievance Redressal Register.
  • All grievances received shall be acknowledged within three working days from the receipt of grievance by CPRU
  • CPRU shall resolve every grievance within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the grievance.
  • Final Redressal and Closure of Grievance shall be treated as finally redressed and closed in any of the following circumstances:
    • Where the Customer has communicated his acceptance of the Company`s decision on redressal of grievance communicated by the Company; or
    • Where the Customer has not communicated his acceptance of the Company`s decision, within 2 (two) months from the date of
          communication of decision by the Company.

Timelines :

Below timelines have been set to resolve queries/complaints of the customers

  • Initial Response : 12 working hours
  • Resolution : 7 working Days
  • Refunds : 7 working days

Escalation Matrix –